Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin ETFs are a Terrible Idea: Andreas Antonopoulos

an hour ago · Announcing this week he intended to “burst” the ecosystem’s “bubble” because of “Lambos” and “to the moon, and all that,” one of the most respected thought leaders in cryptocurrency, Andreas M. Antono...

Deloitte Releases Report On The State Of Blockchain

15 hours ago · In its recently released report, Deloitte concludes industry has been slower to adopt blockchain technology than expected, but still believes the technology will revolutionize certain sectors.

How a Tokyo FOMO Family Invested in Bitcoin and Lost

18 hours ago · There’s an issue, in Japan, with certain high income families being unable to save money. Here’s the story of a Japanese household of four, living in the Tokyo Bay area, in a high-end tower apartment,...

Indonesia Welcomes Blockchain Hub

19 hours ago · The Indonesia Blockchain Hub was launched on Thursday by the Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF), the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (KADIN), the Indonesian Blockchain Association, and blockchain-based a...

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